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Affordable Housing - Register of Interest

South Dublin County Council is actively considering the development of affordable housing over the coming years at a number of locations. In the first instance, eligibility will be determined by criteria, which may include income, set nationally. In advance of finalising its plans, the Council wishes to establish that there are sufficient levels of interest. While the final purchase price of the affordable housing has not yet been determined it is likely to be below €300,000. If you consider that you qualify and are interested in declaring an interest provisionally at this point, you are invited to complete this online assessment, subject to the important information below and your acceptance of the terms in it.

This information is sought by the Housing Department of South Dublin County Council and retained in pursuance of the functions of South Dublin County Council in relation to housing under the Housing Acts 1966-2015 and in relation to affordable housing under Part 5 of the Housing ( Miscellaneous Provisions ) Act 2009 and Section 96 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 as amended.

Online Assessment – Important Information 

Note: Further information on your data protection rights can be accessed at The Council’s Data Protection Officer contact details are Tel. 01 - 4149000.

Your Details

If you don't know your Eircode you can find it using the Eircode Finder (this will open in a new window – note your Eircode and close that window when finished to return to your vote).

Income of All Applicants

Note: Income is Current Gross Annual Income. For the purpose of this provisional assessment, current local authority home loan income limits of €50,000 single or €75,000 couple applies.

Area of Interest - Please choose a location, in order of preference. Note: If you only have ONE preference, DO NOT express a second or third preference, if you are not interested.

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The publication of this invitation and the information contained in it and your completion and submission of it is not intended to nor will it create or impose any legal obligation, duty or liability on the part of South Dublin County Council, confer on you any legal or equitable right or interest, or create any legal relationship, contract or partnership between you, the Council or any third party.